Why Choose Magento over BigCommerce?

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Online selling of goods is not a walk in the park. It is competitive, full of risk, and needs proper planning. Developing just a website doesn’t imply that customers will come rushing to it. You must use your eCommerce platform wisely to provide a CX that your customers love.

Choose Magento over BigCommerce

Your tech stack must make your business simpler to operate rather than holding it back. To craft an attractive CX and process orders accurately, you must have the right technologies and tools.

Though both Magento and BigCommerce are great eCommerce platforms, Magento has an edge over all its competitors because it is a more stable, established, and feature-rich technology that has been in business for more than a decade now.


Popularity is an important factor to consider while selecting your eCommerce platform. At present, 8% of the total eCommerce websites are built using Magento while only 0.42% of eCommerce websites use BigCommerce. Despite its recent growth, BigCommerce lacks behind Magento in market share.

As a result, Magento’s community is much bigger than BigCommerce and you can find a reliable and skilled Magento Development Agency without putting in much effort. Magento’s stability and increasing market share make it one of the leaders in the eCommerce market.


When selecting a technology for your eCommerce store development, you must put focus on expenses it will add to your overall cost structure. If you are using BigCommerce, and your store starts selling more than $125,000 per annum, you have to buy its Pro plan to continue the operations. But, there is no such thing when working on Magento.

Though Magento also provides a paid version, it completely depends on you whether you want to go Pro or stay on the free edition that is called Magento Community. Magento’s enterprise version offers customized pricing depending on business needs and you can choose whatever suits your business the most.

Thus, operating a Magento website is a more cost-effective option as it gives you the leverage to decide you want to go with Adobe Commerce or stick to the free version.


Great website design is another factor that can affect the success of an online store. Though both, BigCommerce and Magento, accompany free design templates, Magento provides you with more and better design options. BigCommerce has 7 free, smooth design templates and many paid ones. But, because Magento is open-source, there are more options available from third parties and Magento connect.

Magento provides customization of essentially every part of the design. This implies you can make a store that looks precisely how you need. BigCommerce just allows for certain design choices, so the site you develop will have much less customization capacity — another reason why Magento is preferred over BigCommerce.


BigCommerce and Magento, both come with several amazing and out-of-the-box features and add-ons. BigCommerce provides many payment gateways, marketing tools, social selling options, and other features.

But, still, Magento has an edge over BigCommerce in providing built-in robust features. These features include product browsing, catalog management, marketing tools, and customer accounts. Using its latest version, customers can swiftly check out on one page.

Final Words

Selecting an eCommerce platform for your business is an important decision that you must make carefully and after proper research. But, if you are looking for an all-in-one solution to provide extreme flexibility and a myriad of features that help you scale your offering, Magento is your best bet. Being a leading Magento development company, we have seen businesses achieve success using the excellent capabilities of Magento.

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