Top 3 B2B eCommerce Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales

B2B eCommerce Marketing Strategies

1. Use Inbound Marketing

As a B2B eCommerce business, inbound marketing will help you attract traffic towards your products and encourage the buyers to purchase without irritating them with back-to-back cold calls and messages. But, you will have to make a strong inbound marketing strategy to reap its full benefits.

  • It attracts visitors to the online store
  • Positive reviews increase their confidence and trust in products
  • It helps improve the online visibility of the store by improving search engine rankings

2. Optimize Customer Experience (CX)

Investing in improving the customer experience of an online store is a great B2B eCommerce marketing strategy. The efficiency of the purchasing process is one of the top three KPIs for B2B customers based on which they make decisions. So, let’s quickly review how you can set up an experience that B2B buyers are looking for.

  • Use product recommendation engines to upsell
  • Build an email list and invest in personalized email marketing
  • Provide extended loyalty programs

3. Leverage Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is one of the most effective B2B eCommerce marketing strategies. B2B buyers, as well as sellers, want to build long-term partnerships. One most successful way of establishing this kind of relationship is by providing a loyalty program for your buyers.

  • Incentive Programs: These types of programs are used to get repeat customers on your website. These programs compel your B2B buyers to spend more to get more incentives and benefits.
  • Referral Program: These types of programs are used to bring new customers to your website. Businesses provide discounts or bonuses to customers who bring in new leads.



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