Optimize Your Standard Shopping Campaigns With These Easy Steps

So you have just started your first conventional shopping campaign. Congratulations, you’re on the right track to capturing a majority of the Google Shopping results!

However, if you’re not careful, you may end up appearing in too many searches that you don’t want to appear in or not appear in enough searches at all. In this post, we will discuss three quick methods businesses should utilize to reap the maximum benefits and enhance their default Shopping results.

Optimize Standard Shopping Campaigns

Use Negative Keywords To Reduce Waste Expenditure

Standard Shopping Campaigns allow marketers to access the search terms report, giving them insights into the searches that caused their shopping ads to show. It is one of the most crucial advantages of Google Standard Shopping Campaigns over Google Smart Shopping Campaigns. Several searches in this report are pertinent to our industry, but many more than you probably want to display Shopping Ads.

Sort your columns by clicks or cost when viewing the search term report (located in the Keywords area of Google Advertisements) to determine which searches are most frequently causing your ads to appear.

Where should your negative keyword be added? It varies. Here are some examples.

  • Negative Ad Group Keywords: The more relevant our shopping listing is to the user’s search, the higher chances they will click on it and make a purchase.
  • Campaign Negative Keywords: By excluding search phrases from your campaigns, negative keywords help you concentrate on the crucial keywords of your campaign. Placing your ad in front of your target audience with keyword targeting significantly increases the ROI.

Use Automated Bidding to Simplify Management and Boost Performance

You must be prepared to move to an automated bid strategy once your campaigns start to see conversions, about 20 times per 30 days per campaign. To increase your profitability with Google Shopping advertisements, employ target Return On Ad Spend(ROAS) or maximize conversion value.

You can use Target ROAS to inform Google Ads what your target ROAS should be. Google Ads will then use this technique to try to average out your target ROAS across all your campaigns.

Google analyzes the contextual signals present at auction time and past data about your campaign to determine how to maximize conversion value. Every time your advertisement is eligible to display, this bidding method automatically finds the best CPC offer. While spending your money, Google will look for the most beneficial conversions to your campaign.

Ensure Product Type, Titles, And Descriptions Are Optimized

Google receives information about the kinds of searches you want to appear from your product feed. You will appear on broad and generic keywords if your product feed uses broad and generic terms. The more relevant and precise your titles, descriptions, and product categories are, the higher chances your Google shopping advertising will be successful right away.

Negative keywords won’t need to be included as often with a well-tailored product feed, which will also gradually increase click-through and conversion rates.

Put the most crucial information such as non-branded terms you want to rank for first. You should also include any additional details that would be significant to the user, such as your brand name, and product specifications like box size and number, color, ingredients, and other information.


Even though there are many more sophisticated tactics and strategies for improving your results with Google’s Standard Shopping campaigns, if you can:

1) add negative keywords to keep your search results relevant to your brand,

2) automate your bidding to benefit from Google’s machine learning, and

3) make simple edits to your product feed to tell Google what you want your shopping ads to show up for

You will be well on your way to seeing great results with Google.

Envision eCommerce is a US-based eCommerce development and management company with over 20 years of industry experience. Connect with our experts by visiting our website and discovering personalized solutions to run successful shopping campaigns.



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