Must-Have Features Of An Excellent Business Website

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4 min readJan 6, 2023

The best user experience should be the primary goal when learning web design. To achieve this, developers must check each section of their website to ensure it contains these essential components. The qualities listed below are intentional components of a website that visitors have learned to expect and will make a pleasant impression on everyone who visits it.

People are often always looking online for answers or information to consume. Websites are the engines that drive the entire world wide web, and excellent websites need excellent website builders. An individual becomes frustrated and unhappy after having a poor encounter on a website.

Features Of An Excellent Business Website

The most important aspect in establishing what makes a good website is the user experience. Every decision you make regarding your website should be intended to improve and assist how a user views and uses it.

Here are some must-have features for an excellent business website:

1. Contact Info On All Pages

Although it seems obvious, many businesses overlook this. Preferably at the top of each page, including the phone number you want customers to call with sales inquiries. Include a clickable “email us!” CTA that leads to your contact form or opens an email client. Also, ensure your website is filled with simple contact and inquiry forms. You don’t want to make it difficult for visitors to contact you.

2. Onsite Blog

Quality content is necessary for online marketing, including social, digital, and other forms. Therefore, you should start with a blog if you’re thinking of making any online marketing efforts. You should list your blog under your domain rather than off-site using a service to reap the maximum SEO benefits.

Benefits of a blog include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Your business’s content-sharing social media channels for communication include Facebook and Twitter.
  • A strategy to position your business as a leader in your field and build relationships with customers

3. Client Testimonials and Case Studies

You can increase your reputation with clients and customers by highlighting your knowledge and good track record on your website. One of the most popular pages on the websites we build for our clients is frequently the testimonials page. Ask your customers for permission to utilize their true identities when you do receive testimonials. Genuine recommendations from well-known companies and organizations carry much more weight than anonymous testimonials.

If you offer case studies on your website, create a standardized framework to describe the issue your organization addressed and the steps it took to get there. Customers want to see samples of your work in action, and case studies are a terrific approach to highlight your best work.

4. Live Chat

Many people don’t want to spend time browsing a website or FAQ page searching for the information they require. Install a live chat feature on your website to talk to customers whenever they want and provide quick answers to their queries.

This functionality is now significantly more practical for businesses of all sizes because of artificial intelligence. A lot of businesses provide live chat as a straightforward CMS platform plugin.

5. Subscription Offers

Offering your website visitors the ability to stay current by subscribing to your blog posts or email is a terrific way to stay at the top of your consumers’ minds. By this, we don’t mean offering them a magazine or monthly gift box.

You can use email marketing to spread information about your business while simultaneously growing your email list if you subscribe. Whenever you have information, use this list to share it with your clients and potential clients.

6. About Us

Sharing your narrative and the “why you do what you do” makes a huge impact when trying to attract business since people care about who they are doing business with.

Your website’s “About Us” section is a fantastic place to discuss your company’s history, mission, and long-term goals. You must focus on listing your company’s founders, current executives, and more team members on your “About Us” page.


A great website for a company emphasizes the features while guaranteeing an excellent user experience. A good website requires much more than simply highlighting its advantages, though.

Thinking like your website visitors is the key. Instead of pondering what should be on a business website to boost sales, consider what people would want to see. These pointers provide a solid framework for a website design update, but you might still have additional queries. Contact us to discover personalized and excellent website designs to boost your eCommerce business.