Futuristic eCommerce Stores: 10 Website Designs You Need To Check

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6 min readNov 11, 2022

The first step in creating a great eCommerce website design is making sure it accurately portrays who you are and what you sell online. After all, this is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your clients. A neat design ensures you leave a long-lasting impression if you do it properly.

Making an eCommerce site requires considering the website’s complete design, from the aesthetics to navigation and accessibility, regardless of whether you are just starting out or already have a brick-and-mortar store. These factors are essential to leave a positive impression and offer a flawless purchasing experience.

Here we present ten aesthetic websites with exceptional designs and functionality to help you create the one that stands out.

10 Best eCommerce Website Designs

Beautiful eCommerce sites abound, but some have more imaginative designs than others.

You’ll see that the majority of these designs for retail websites focus heavily on images. Any website attempting to sell things online needs to include high-quality images.

Let’s examine the best designs of eCommerce websites individually.

1. FPP

Recreate the immersive shopping experience of your physical store in your online store, so the saying goes. You can virtually wander through the store and look for the pineapple using FPP’s shopping aisle, which simulates the actual shopping experience.

Users are compelled by the persuasive content to enter the store and search for the pineapple hidden in the powder aisle. The shopping marketing company, FPP, uses hundreds of products to create a visual narrative about missing items and cart abandonment.

2. Superlist

The productivity tool Superlist does a great job of putting the “5-second rule” into practice. You can see what the website stands for in just seconds of looking at it: productivity for both teams and individuals. They can improve their productivity and teamwork with the help of their tool.

You can interact with office supplies like a keyboard, pen, journal, and headphones as soon as you land on the homepage. Scrolling past the first fold, you’ll find an open journal with a concise copy.

3. Magic Spoon

The breakfast company Magic Spoon does a fantastic job of accurately describing the texture of its goods on its online store. The design has a magazine-style format, a vibrant color scheme, and discernible details behind each click and scroll. The high-quality product images wonderfully complement the light blue background that extends across the pink and purple color schemes.

4. Togerson Design Partners

The full-service architecture business Torgerson Design Partners is located in Missouri and has a gorgeous website. The standard static icons you’re used to seeing on other websites have been replaced by elements with micro-animations. Users are guided downward by the clean, minimalist design via corporate information, their design philosophies, and a portfolio of previous projects with glimpses of their details as you hover over each one.

5. Skyline Films

Whatever your industry, you’re a few years behind if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. This is especially true for the film business, where every digital campaign should anticipate the use of technology and creativity. When creating period pieces, it can be challenging to strike a balance between the elegance of the past and the wonder of technology but Skyline Films goes above and beyond what most users would anticipate. The quickness and intuitiveness of the approach appear to constrict Victorian imagery in sepia tones, but that contradiction makes it effective.

6. Moooi

One of the world’s most renowned brands, Moooi, is known for its breathtaking and cutting-edge interior designs. Their website is distinctive, delivering something more in beauty and distinctiveness with breathtaking photographs, just like their creative, rebellious, and genius tactics. Additionally, their carefully picked collection of lighting, furniture, accessories, and other unusual items that outlive ordinary settings are showcased unexpectedly and engagingly on their website.

The website engages visitors with a sense of exquisiteness through a creative combination of animation and video.

7. The Cool Club x FWA

The history of 54 of the most amazing websites and digital projects presented in “Web Design, The Evolution of the Digital World 1990-today” can be explored by visitors thanks to a partnership between FWA and The Cool Club. The website also features a unique limited edition deck of cards display that lets visitors play with the cards and see videos of the actual works that each card symbolizes.

8. Nomadic Tribe

One of the most notable instances of drawing, interaction, and animated storytelling is Nomadic Tribe, which has four chapters and excellent music. The painstakingly made website offers consumers a memorable, immersive experience. The website is a poetic trip that dominates the comic book industry and employs 3D images and visual codes to deliver a gripping story.

9. Bruno-Simon

Bruno Simon brings the most cutting-edge and engaging website currently available online! The user is quickly drawn in by the odd animation and 3D virtual art on Bruno Simon’s homepage. For its amazing, humorous 3D WebGL visual effects, the website was named the Best Website Design of 2019 by the judges.

10. King

The website King is not your typical graphical one. With more than 200 games in its library, including the most popular “Candy Crush” game, King is the leading name in interactive entertainment. The website won the best graphical website design award — their website is more about the mascots they have created, the backstory, and how users are intimately attached to each game than it is about colors, icons, or graphics.


The prevalent eCommerce website design trends are similar to those of the technology realm, as is the case with most things that are based online.

Today, focus on a crisp design and ease of use are the primary components of a great eCommerce web design company. Create rapid prototypes starting with the most important pages. Test them out for alliteration with your team. Launch a new appearance while getting direct feedback from your customers. You’ll always have plenty of “design” work between conversion optimization, new product landing pages, and seasonal specials.