Digital Marketing Essentials: Strategic Marketing Channels for eCommerce Businesses

Customers in today’s competitive eCommerce scenario look for flexible and adaptable communication. It’s not difficult to understand why; consumers regularly use a range of marketing channels, and they want businesses to distribute content across different platforms.

However, not every marketing channel is created equally. Some demand that you invest money to provide information to potential clients. In contrast, others allow you to spread content organically.

In this article, we’ll define marketing channels in more detail, provide examples of various channels, and provide a framework for choosing the best ones for your company.

Strategic Marketing Channels for eCommerce Business

  • Paid Channels: Paid Channels are mediums you spend money on to Distribute information to your audience.
  • Organic Channels: These channels are free-to-use channels where you can distribute information to your audience.
Marketing Channels for eCommerce Businesses

Your business’s entire marketing strategy is determined by the combination of marketing channels you select. Here are some of the best marketing channels for eCommerce businesses.

1. Email Marketing:

Emails can also be distributed at crucial points in a buyer’s journey, such as when a consumer initially signs up for your email list or completes a website checkout.

You must collect their contacts before emailing potential clients. Several businesses even provide a one-time discount to build an email list. For instance, the natural cosmetics company St. Botanica offers free shampoo to all customers that sign up on their website and fill up a survey.

2. Social Media Marketing:

Posting material on your social media platforms falls under organic marketing instead of paid or display advertising because you are not paying for leads. A powerful social media presence can help you gain followers, expand your reach by working with influencers, and even perform sales on the platform.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

The affiliate receives a commission on sales whenever someone purchases one of their affiliate links. This form of marketing is effective since it uses an affiliate’s credibility to draw customers to your company. When something is recommended by someone they trust, people are more likely to buy the product.

4. Search Engine Marketing:

You can increase your chances of engaging with clients who are already interested in purchasing your product or service by focusing on the intent of your target audience with your SEM strategy.

5. Event Marketing:

Establish relationships with your target audience and receive real-time feedback to help you better understand what marketing messaging is effective.


You can also carry out market research to figure out what your ideal channel mix should be. You can choose the best platforms for customer-focused marketing by knowing your target demographic, where they hang out online, and what drives them.

At Envision eCommerce, we understand that decision-making might get overwhelming at times. So we help you make the right choices for your business success. Visit our website to schedule a call and connect with our certified eCommerce experts that can help your business shine.



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