5 Top Reasons to Choose Adobe Commerce Platform

When it comes to selecting an eCommerce development platform, you have to consider more than one factor. For example, you must check out the features it provides, security, and how much it would cost you. Selecting a platform that fulfills all your business needs is crucial because you can not change it quite often.

In this article, we will talk about one of the best eCommerce development platforms that suit all kinds of business needs and will give you five reasons to select it.

So, let’s get started.

1. Complex Catalogs Management

Using Adobe Commerce, you can easily manage more than 1 Million products and thousands of categories without any complexity. You are even allowed to create a segment-specific catalog according to your demands. It also lets you integrate third-party PIMs like InRiver, Akeneq, Jasper, and more.

So, if you are going to have hundreds of products in your eCommerce store, there can be no better option than Adobe Commerce platform to manage and promote them effectively.

2. High Return on Investment

Initially, you might feel that the cost of switching to Adobe Magento Commerce is high or you might get some other options even at half the rate of Adobe Commerce.

But, the companies that have switched to it experienced an average return on investment of 165.3% within just 24 months. It happens because of an increase in conversions, site traffic, and average order value when you make the transition.

3. Seamless Integration with ERP

Business intelligence is critical for an eCommerce business. And connecting the platform you sell on with your ERP solution helps you provide an improved CX with the help of data. When ERP has access to data, like sales and customers, you get to view a clear picture of what is wrong and right for your business.

4. Amazing Mobile Experiences

If you own a B2C eCommerce business, more than half of your customers will be browsing your store using mobile. Moreover, even B2B buyers prefer to browse products or related information online using mobile devices. Thus, it makes great sense to invest in a platform that helps you provide a seamless mobile experience.

Using Adobe Commerce, you can provide amazing digital commerce experiences on mobile or you also have the option to develop a PWA. PWAs are advanced websites that work just like native apps on mobile devices and they are also not very expensive to develop.

5. Advanced Features

As compared to other eCommerce development platforms, Adobe Commerce offers many advanced features that help a business provide a seamless CX and streamline business operations. For example,

Page Builder: In Adobe Commerce, you can create pages with the help of the drag and drop feature and without the help of a developer. That means additional personalization and no need to look for technical support for providing the same.

Live Search: It lets you provide fast and accurate search results to visitors and you can take your site experience one step ahead using this feature.

In Conclusion

For both (B2B and B2C) eCommerce businesses, Adobe Commerce platform is a great solution with advanced features and options to set up a highly customized experience. Thus, if you want to scale and grow in this highly competitive business world, give it a shot!



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