5 Must-Have Features for Automotive eCommerce Solutions

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3 min readSep 14, 2021


Around two decades ago, just having an online presence was enough for businesses to say we are digital. But, nowadays, due to cutthroat competition in almost every market, businesses are juggling for every lead and it is hard to win over the price alone.

5 Must-Have Features for Automotive eCommerce Solutions

Especially in the automotive industry — it’s hard to differentiate your service and secure an edge over the competitors until you offer a great user experience. It is the best way to win over leads, boost sales, and develop a loyal user base. In this article, we will look at five features that can help businesses develop an impeccable CX for Automotive eCommerce solutions:

  1. Clutter-Free Website Navigation

Clean website navigation helps you improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion rate. Thus, the categorization on an automobile parts selling website needs to be presented immaculately.

If your website has too many category options and their presentation is vague, the user may feel lost or confused and might leave your eCommerce store for a well-designed website. But, the number of categories shouldn’t be too less either. When there are just 2–3 general categories and you sell thousands of auto parts, it will be hard for users to discover what they need. Indeed, even the best mechanics and car lovers can get lost in an inadequately designed website with countless options.

2. Site Search

To take the experience of your eCommerce store one step forward, it is crucial to have robust site search functionality. Users visiting a website for purchasing auto parts are much more likely to own a particular vehicle and they know exactly which part they would like to see and purchase. So, instead of forcing them to find that part manually on your website, give them an option to search.

You can consider giving your customers the option to filter products by entering the year of manufacturing, model name, brand name, or other specifications. It should filter out the most relevant products available.

3. Engaging Content

eCommerce solutions for the Automotive industry should have content that engages users and increases their time spent on the website. You can consider adding videos or other media to maximize your marketing efforts and increase engagement.

Videos are shareable pieces of information that provide benefits to all the stakeholders — customers and merchants. You should consider adding educational content like “Step-by-step videos on how to change car parts” or something on similar lines to deliver value and bring in leads.

You may likewise consider adding blog posts and feature your customer’s photographs into it to help improve branding. But, before putting efforts into marketing, make sure you have the right Automotive eCommerce Platform that helps you push content with ease. You can also opt for the headless approach to market your products effectively.

4. Users Accounts to Provide a Personalized Touch

Letting your users create their profile on your website will help you in more ways than one. First, it will help you provide your customers a personal space where they can save the products they like, store billing information, and do much more. Second, it will help you capture their search history and preferences that you can use to provide them personalized suggestions and increase sales.

5. Mobile-Friendliness

In today’s world dominated by mobile technology, 57% of customers say they will not suggest a business with an inadequately designed mobile experience. Modern customers spend too much of their time on mobile looking and analyzing products they need. So, you must ensure the mobile compatibility of your Automotive eCommerce solution.

Wrapping Up

If you keep in mind all the above-mentioned factors while creating eCommerce solutions for the automotive industry, you will surely end up developing a product that stands out. Without a doubt, there are other features as well that you will have to incorporate into it, but these are the mandatory ones that are going to make or break the experience of your eCommerce store. We hope you find these suggestions helpful!



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